Proof 2028 END Series Came from God

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“Do not quench the Holy Spirit.
Do not treat prophecies with contempt.
but TEST THEM ALL; hold on to what is good”
(II Thessalonians 5:19-21)



This 2028 END confirmation God did as I was creating our 10 part 2028 END video series, without me having any clue He was doing it.  And it is mind-blowing!  Why?  Because it proves EVERY WORD in our 10 part 2028 END video series came from God!


So here’s what happened … the 10 part 2028 END video series took me a little over a year to create.  Part 1 was uploaded to YouTube Oct 12, 2017 and part 10 was uploaded Oct 25, 2018.  I made one part at a time.  I’d script it first, carefully writing out every word I was going to speak.  This would take a week or two.

Then I’d go out to my garage and film myself speaking the message in front of a green screen.  This was done after midnight (1 to 3 am) because that’s the only time quite enough around here from outside road traffic to record.  Once everything was filmed, then I’d get to work the next morning creating the video, which took another week or two.


Finally, in Oct 2018, I completed the 10 part series.  But near the end, God was laying it on my heart to put the series on disc (DVD & Blu-ray).  So I immediately started learning how to do this Nov 2018.

I found someone locally to author the DVD, as I worked on the cover artwork for the package.  This is when I learned the shocking “2028 END” confirmation God had done!  It’s a miracle so wondrous, so incredible, that I couldn’t stop thinking about it, every day, for 4 months!  I couldn’t get it out of my mind what God had done!


So this is how I discovered the 2028 END confirmation God had done.  As I was designing the DVD cover artwork (Dec 2018) I kept a stack of movie DVD cases beside me.  I was looking at them, using them to help me decide what belongs on the outside of a DVD cover.  You know, what goes on the front, the spline, and on the back.

And as I got to creating the DVD back, I noticed they all included the “running time” for the DVD in total minutes — never hours and minutes! — on the back artwork.  So for example, if a movie was 2 hours long, then the “running time” was written as 120 minutes on the back.

So I thought, “Well cool, I’ll include that, that’ll look nice on the back of the DVD.”  So that’s when I set about to look up the times for each of the 10 parts in the 2028 END video series.  I wrote them all down on a piece of paper.  You can see that actual piece of paper (with the 10 part’s times listed on the left) in the image below.

2028 End Video Series Part Times

[Note: By the way, just in case you check me on this … you’re going to find these times are roughly 10 to 15 seconds shorter than the times on YouTube for each of the 10 parts.  That’s because on YouTube you have to leave extra time at the end of a video for something called end screens.  This is where you show an image of the next video you’d like people to click on and watch.  So this blank time wasn’t needed for the videos on DVD.  It would serve no purpose.  So in Nov 2018 I had already re-rendered the 10 parts for DVD, removing the blank time at the end, adding extra sound effects and improving the text and visuals.  So I was done!  I had the exact 10 videos that would go on the DVD when I began creating the DVD artwork.]


Alright, so looking at the sheet of paper above (where I wrote down the times for the finished videos for the DVD) it was time to add up the total “running time” in minutes.  I grabbed my calculator and I added up the extra seconds for each video first.  In other words, the (22 sec) for part 1, plus the (57 sec) for part 2, plus the (12 sec) for part 3, etc.  I don’t know why I did it this way, but that’s just what I did.

So when I added up these extra seconds it came to 299 seconds.  And I remember thinking, “Well how cool is that?  300 seconds is exactly 5 minutes (5 x 60 = 300), so 299 seconds is only 1 second less than exactly 5 minutes.”  So I thought, “Wow, this series is going to be right on the exact minute!  No rounding needed!  All I had to do is add up the minutes now — add the extra 5 minutes — and there would be the running time in total minutes.”  Simple.

So I added up the minutes.  And guess what they came too?  275 minutes!  So adding the extra 5 minutes and the 10 part 2028 END video series had a total running time of exactly 280 minutes (275 + 5)!!!  Are you kidding me?  Do you see the “28”?  28-0 !!!


Guys, I about fell out!  I was in shock!  And the reason is because I knew all the ways God had been using the number “28” in recent years to confirm Christ’s return in the year 2028.  I knew Alfred’s “Numbers in the Sun” dream in 2013, my dream of “2 x 10 x 16 planks” in 2015, “Super Bowl LI” in 2017, and on and on!

And here I was now (Dec 2018) staring at another 28, followed by a valueless zero!  28-0 minutes!  Guy’s my mind was blown!  I thought, “How can the video series I worked on for over a year (carefully scripting and speaking every word!) have a total running time of exactly 280 minutes?”  Mind-blowing!

I truly felt like at that time the Creator God stepped down out of Heaven and personally stamped the DVD: “Approved by your Heavenly Father!  This 10 part 2028 END video series came from Me!  This is NOT Gabriel’s thoughts.  These are NOT Gabriel’s truths.  This is MY truth!  This is MY message!  Listen to it, people!  Hear it!  Heed it!  Don’t despise this prophetic series, but test it.  See if it’s not from Me!”


Well, so there it is now forever written on the back of the DVD package … running time 280 minutes!  You can even see the times for the 10 parts listed on the insert I later created for the inside of the package (see image below) which add up to 280 minutes.  They’re also on the menu screen when you insert the DVD or Blu-ray into a player.

2028 End Video Series Insert

So for the next 4 months I was thinking about the 280 miracle, every single day!  It played over and over in my mind!  I would think, why is the 10 part series not 178 minutes, 196 min, 212 min, 247 min, ANYTHING but 280 minutes!!!  Then I’d think, if I had left out even one sentence — or spoke a little slower or faster! — the series would not be 280 minutes!  So God wanted everything written and spoken, exactly as I said it, in the 10 part 2028 END video series!  Mind-numbing!


Then I awoke Thursday April 11, 2019 (6 am hour) and God spoke to me about the number 280.  He said, “Gabriel, you recognized the “28” but do you know what the “0” represents?”  I didn’t have a clue.  I’d been thinking about this miracle every day for 4 months, but I didn’t know.

He said, “Gabriel, the “zero” represents “nothing”.  When my son returns to Earth, I’m going to reduce everything on the surface of planet earth to nothing, just as Peter wrote:

“The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” (II Peter 3:10)

“So the ZERO represents this “nothing”.  Nothing left but ashes!  When the end comes everything will be reduced to ZERO!”

Oh, but He wasn’t done!  For then He told me, “But not only that, the ZERO also represents TIME ZERO.  Just like I had you show on screen in part 3 of the 2028 END video series; the game clock for the Game of Life counting down 4, 3, 2, 1, ZERO (0) … game over!  The End!  Jesus Christ’s return!  So the “ZERO” represents “THE END” … when time has run out, when everything is reduced to nothing!

“So Gabriel, the number 280 (28 followed by Zero) is literally saying “2028 END”.  I controlled your video series to be exactly 280 minutes long in order to speak (and confirm) through that number the TITLE I’d given you for the 10 part video series — 2028 END.  Oh, man, guys … mind-overload!  Mind-blown!


After this, I was now compelled to find out the EXACT time of the 2028 END video series.  Remember, the series was really one second less than 280 minutes!  But I knew each of the 10 parts didn’t really end on an EXACT second.  There would always be fraction of second more.  For example, part 1 is listed as 8 minutes and 22 seconds, but is that really 22.2 seconds?  I wanted to know!

So it came to me if I opened up the videos again in my video editing software I might be able to learn the exact times right down to the fraction of a second.  And thankfully, I was right!  My software divided each second into 30 parts, because it renders 30 frames per second.  So I was able to learn the additional fraction of a second for each part.  And I’ll show you that piece of paper right now, where I wrote them all down.

2028 end series times

So you can see part 1 had an extra 09, that’s 9/30th of another second, or about 1/3 of a second more.  Part 2 was 12/30th of a second more, also about 1/3 of a second more.  So all I had to do was add up these extra numbers, and divide it by 30, and I’d have the extra seconds (and the EXACT TIME) of the series.

So the extra seconds added up to 174, which divided by 30 equaled 5.8 seconds.  So adding these 5.8 seconds to the original 299 seconds equaled 304.8 seconds.  That’s 5 minutes and 4.8 seconds.  Then adding that to 275 minutes, and the series was really EXACTLY 280 MINUTES and 4.8 seconds!  That means it was a FULL 280 minutes!  And just a few extra seconds!  So the series really was 280 minutes!  That’s the total running time, no question about it.  You don’t call it 281 minutes until you actually hit that number.


So what does this mean?  Now that we know — without a doubt! — every word in the 10 part 2028 END video series came from God?  What should we do?  Friend, it needs to be heard!  Every human being on the planet should hear the truths in that series.  It would change the world!

For the first time people would know God’s marvelous prophetic truths behind EACH DAY of the Creation story and so much more!  They’d have extra proof God exists!  Then the fear of God would come on them!

So it’s our mission to get this 2028 END DVD (or Blu-ray) into every house and church in the world!  People need this message RIGHT NOW!  God’s plan is coming to an end!  Jesus is returning Feast of Trumpets AD 2028, and people need to know!


So we need your help.  This 10 part series should be airing in your church.  It should be shown in your Sunday School — one part each week, and then discuss it.  Ask you pastor to watch it.  Get him a DVD (or Blu-ray).  Watch it in your own home until you understand every last word.  This way you can talk about it intelligently with others.

The DVD & Blu-ray’s are available in the store section of our website.  You can even get 48 of them for only $200 dollars.  That’s only $4 dollars a piece!  We’re not trying to make money, folks!  We’re trying to get this message out!  And if you want more, contact us, because we’re even open to having you order directly from our manufacturer in New Jersey, and they’ll ship them right to your door.


Here’s the deal, guys … the day is coming when this “2028 END” message might be banned online.  Facebook banned our website from being shared on their site back in 2019.  Our website was labeled offensive and was blocked.  I fought it off.  But I can see a day coming when this message will be blacked out online.  Satan wants this message gone!  He hates it!  He knows it makes believers out of people.  And he certainly doesn’t want the world to know when the end is coming!  He wants the world to be caught blindsided!

So here’s the deal … if we have this message on a physical disc, then we got it!  No one can take it from you, unless they steal or destroy your disc.  But when the videos are just up online — hosted virtually on some server somewhere — they can take it from us.  All they have to do is block it, or remove it, and it’ll be gone.

THIS IS WHY I believe God led me to put the 10 part 2028 END video series on DVD.  And if I hadn’t, I probably never would have known God miraculously controlled the series to have a total running time of 280 minutes.  So glory to God for that!  But friends, we need to saturate the world with this DVD & Blu-ray — RIGHT NOW! — while we’re still able to buy and sell.  These discs need to be in every home in America!  So if you’re led to help, contact us and we’ll be here!