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“He that AFFIXED the Ear, shall He not Hear?
He that FORMED the Eye, shall He not See?
(Psalm 94:9)



Macroevolutionary theory was first proposed in the 19th century.  It postulates a single celled organism gave rise to all life on Earth.  DNA coding and a lack of transitional fossils have proven this theory false. But sadly, it is still taught in textbooks to our children.

The Bible says Creation ALONE is evidence enough that God exists and that we will all be judged by Him.  Satan has inspired macroevolution theory to try and mock God.  But in the end it will wind up in the garbage heap along with all other lies!  The videos on this webpage expose the lies behind this dangerous theory.


In the video “Dark History of Evolution” Dr. Henry Morris brings to light the ancient origins of macro-evolutionary thinking.  He shows how this theory has polluted the minds of many well known men in the past, and how it has led to much detrimental effect:

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In this video “The Case for Intelligent Design” Dr. Stephen C. Meyer (former geophysicist, college professor, and author of the New York Times® Bestseller “Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life”) makes the case for Intelligent Design.&nbps; In it he exposes the complications for Darwinian evolution:

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Kent Hovind’s “Lies in the Textbooks” seminar is a must see for every public school student, teacher, and parent.  It exposes many so-called “proofs” that still remain in today’s textbooks fraudulently promoting macro-evolution.  Some of these “proofs” have even been proven hoaxes in a court of law, and yet they remain in textbooks!  Learn the truth behind these lies warping the minds of our youth:

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What someone believes ultimately determines their behavior.  Believing life on this Earth could have came about just naturalistically, without an all powerful God, leads people into all kinds of evil (selfish) lifestyles.  Some people actually think they are more highly “evolved” than others.  In the “Dangers of Evolution” seminar Kent Hovind will help you understand how this faulty belief leads people into evil philosophies such as racism, communism, and Nazism:

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