10 Love Commandments Ministries is dedicated to declaring to the world the soon coming return of Jesus Christ by revealing God’s hidden prophesies in the 7 Day Creation story.

But more than that, we are dedicated to exposing the many salvation lies that plague the church today, in order to prepare a people ready to meet the Lord.

How It was Founded

10 Love Commandments Ministries began Dec 8, 2007, through a man named Gabriel Ansley Erb.  That was the day God awakened Gabriel and revealed to him His salvation message behind the story of the Israelites in the Torah, which perfectly explains God’s duty and our duty in obtaining eternal life.

In addition, that story not only contains the truth about salvation, but it contains the timing marker that allows us to know the YEAR – not the day or hour! – of Christ’s return.

What We’ve Done

Immediately after receiving God’s message, God asked Gabriel to write a book on what He revealed to him.  So Gabriel did this in 2008/2009 entitled Undeniable Biblical Proof Jesus Christ Will Return to Planet Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After the Year of His Death.

After this, in 2010, our YouTube channel “2028 END” was founded.  Then our three websites were created between 2010 – 2013.  The movie 2028 END was created 2013/2014.  Then our three core video series were created 2015 – 2018, which were later adapted into books.  They are The 10 Love Commandments, The Salvation Equation, and 2028 END.

If one takes the time to learn the information in our 3 video series, along with the information in Gabriel’s 2008 book, they will no longer be deceived about salvation or the end times.  And the best part … it’s all free to learn here online!  Gabriel has kept NOTHING hidden!


10 Love Commandments Ministries

10 Love Commandments Ministries
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