Dream Revealing Year of Second Coming

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“I am God, and there is none like me,
Saying My plan will stand, for I will do ALL I please”
(Isaiah 46:9-10)



Dear Pastors in Christ, my sincere greetings in the name of JESUS.

I understand that you will probably refer to the Word of God which says: “But of that [exact] day and hour no one knows” (Matthew 24:36) and this will most likely bring doubt into your mind.  My humble request is please read the whole message before coming to any conclusion: “But the spiritual man tries all things [he examines, investigates, inquires into, questions, and discerns all things]” (1 Co 2:15, Amplified Bible).


My name is Alfred I. Karunakaran.  I am 52 (2013) years old, and I became a born again Christian in 1986 at the age of 26 while living in Germany.  In 1990, with the help of other Christian brothers, I had the privilege of meeting and evangelizing to around two thousand Sri Lankan Tamil people in Germany.

From 1996 to 2010, I distributed the Christian evangelical booklets “From minus to Plus” and the “Book of Hope” to nearly 200,000 homes: first, in Germany and later in the UK where I now live with my family.  My native country is Sri Lanka, and I work in a care home, and I am currently a member of Bethel Church in Oldbury, Birmingham.

Before reading further kindly read these verses which are relevant:

With the help of a concordance you can have a better understanding of the real meaning of the verses.  This will give you clarity.

1) “For the words are shut up and sealed till the time of the end. But the teachers and those who are wise shall understand” (Daniel 12:9-10)

2) “And he who is wise captures human lives [for God, as a fisher of men — he gathers and receives them for eternity]” (Proverbs 11:30)

3) “But it is from Him that you have your life in Christ Jesus, Whom God made our Wisdom from God” (1 Corinthians 1:30)

4) “Ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God” (1 Corinthians 4:1)

5) “Surely the Lord God will do nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7)

6) “And he will show you things to come” (John 16:13)

7) “For in seven days I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights” (Genesis 7:4)

(Please be aware that Genesis 7:4 gives an account of God revealing very accurately the 7 days in advance to what is about to happen in the future)

Please Note

There is no scripture that says God will NOT reveal the YEAR of His 2nd Coming, and at the same time there is no Scripture which says God WILL reveal the YEAR of His 2nd Coming.  (Therefore, please be neutral and read the details of my dream).  My humble request is please take note that Mathew 24:36 says, ‘No one knows about that DAY & HOUR’.  As you can see, Scripture did not mention anything about the YEAR or SEASON!


“I have dreamed again, and behold, [this time not only] eleven stars [but also] the Sun and the moon bowed down and did reverence to me!” (Genesis 37:9).

In the early morning hours of 13 of March, 2013, while sleeping, I had a troubling dream.  In my dream (Job 33:15, Acts 2:17) I saw the Sun (Genesis 1:14 … “Signs and years”, Ps 84:11 … “God is a Sun”) slowly changing its shape, and its brightness became dim like a full moon.  In the center of the Sun I saw the number “21” (Lk 21:25) which was very thin.  The number began increasing by 21 to 22, 23, and finally to 24.

Next, the sky turned dark and gloomy and scary just like before an upcoming storm.  Then I saw visions of fallen lamp posts and torn down high tension wires.

Initially, the number 21 was increasing … 22 .. 23 .. 24 … just like a digital clock.  But after the vision of the fallen lamp posts and torn down high tension wires the Sun began to be filled with a huge number 28.  It was so vividly clear and it expanded until it completely filled the Sun.

When this happened, I heard with unusual clarity distinct voices (Job 33:16) similar to what you hear wearing stereo headphones, which I have never before heard in life, proclaiming boldly, “JESUS IS COMING, JESUS IS COMING, JESUS IS COMING!”.  The voices were very unique, and I heard them as soon as the number 28 began filling up the Sun.  The voices came from both my left and my right.  It was like three or four people all lined-up in a row, and their proclamation came one after the other in perfect sequence.  Then I woke up from my sleep.


According to 2 Cor 13:1 every matter must be established by 2 or 3 witnesses. Confirmed by the Word of God.


I have the habit of reading the Bible on a daily basis, using a yearly reading schedule.  On that day (13.03.13) when I got the dream from the Lord, the morning Bible reading was Mark 13:21-37. (See image below, chart is in Tamil language)

In the Bible reading which was meant to be for that particular day, the message was specifically mentioning the Sun in the 24th verse and the coming of the Lord Jesus in the 26th verse.  When I realized this, I felt strongly in my heart that there is a direct connection between my dream and the Bible verses!  Still, I went ahead and seeked the Lord Jesus in prayer for further understanding.

Then, I came to realize that there is a definite connection and meaning in the number 28 and with the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I came to understand that the numbers 21 & 28 are actually referring to the YEAR.  It became clear to me that the number 28 cannot refer to months, because there are just 12 months in a year, and it cannot refer to a specific date, because the Bible is clear that no one can know the day.  I further noticed that there is a difference of 7 numbers between 21 & 28 which gave me the understanding of 7 years.

Daily Bible Reading

According to 2 Cor 13:1 every matter must be established by 2 or 3 witnesses. Confirmation by other saints in Christ


Lord Jesus, kindly show me at least 3 other highly respected men of God, living a spiritual life in right standing with God, and with a deeper understanding of the Word of God than myself who have had similar revelations about the YEAR of the 2nd coming of Christ.  Lord Jesus, if I find such people with similar revelation, then I will have confirmation in my heart that this dream of mine is from you.

In my usual prayers I have never asked the Lord about anything pertaining to the return of Christ.  My usual prayers to the Lord are guidance in which evangelical tracts or booklets to distribute, and in which areas or towns to pass them out in, to win the most souls for God’s Kingdom.

Six months after my dream, while sitting at my computer, I had the compulsion to search for ‘Jesus is coming in 2028’ on the Internet.  As I searched the web, surprisingly I found several servants of God proclaiming the second coming of Christ would be in the year 2028.  As I continued to read what they had written, I was shocked to learn they all mentioned the years 2021 & 2028, because my dream began with the number 21 and ended with the number 28.  Praise the Lord!

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“Joseph dreamed yet another dream and told it to his brothers” (Genesis 37:9)

IF the above message of the YEAR of the 2nd coming is true, then it will enable those in ministries to prepare the believers and to work out changes and priorities in our Christian life to pave the way for the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Which means that we are going to live a very meaningful Christian life with the knowledge that we don’t have much time before the End time.  Glory to God!

If the Holy Spirit gives you peace and clarity in your heart when reading this message, specifically about the YEAR(S) mentioned, then go ahead and pray about it, search the Word of God, and become doers of the Word of God.

“For the marriage of the Lamb [at last] has come, and His bride has prepared herself” (Revelation 19:7)

His mother said to the servants, whatever He says to you, do it” (John 2:5)

If you don’t feel peace and clarity in your heart after reading this message, please forgive me, and you may ignore this letter.  Please let me know your opinion.  Thank you very much.  May God bless you and your ministry.  Amen and Amen!



Your Faithful Servant of Almighty GOD JEHOVAH
Bro. Karunakaran Iruthayanathan (Alfred)
To contact: (E-mail) gttp12000@hotmail.com
Alfred Karunakaran