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“The dream was DOUBLED unto Pharaoh TWICE;
it is because the thing is established by God,
and God will shortly bring it to pass”
(Genesis 41:32)



This one’s a doozy, guys!  For I have evidence the Creator God has been covertly using our 2028 END YouTube channel — for the past 10 years! — to confirm His son’s return in the year AD 2028!  And I, nor no one else, never ever had a clue!


So here’s how I found out: On Jan 8, 2021, I uploaded a 2028 END confirmation video entitled “1 in 50 Million Odds”, which is about the miraculous 11 digit code YouTube generated for our “God’s 7 Day Plan in 4 Minutes” video uploaded Feb 28, 2019.  This video was extremely important, created to sit at the top of our 2028 END website, introducing the world to God’s 2028 END message.

Amazingly, the “God’s 7 Day Plan in 4 Minutes” video’s 11 digit code began with a 6 and ended with a 28!  This has been God’s message through me since 2008.  In the beginning, God used the number 6 (creating the world in 6 days) to foretell of a 6000 year plan, which will end 2028.  So the code began with a 6 and ended with a 28.  Stunning!  And you can learn all about that confirmation HERE.

2028 End Intro Video YouTube URL

But something crazy happened when I uploaded the “1 in 50 million Odds” confirmation video to YouTube!  (See image below.)  God controlled the 11 digit code for THAT video to ALSO end with a 28!  What!?!  My mind was completely blown!

So to summarize, I upload a video (talking about another video) whose 11 digit code ended with 28, and THAT video’s 11 digit code ended with 28.  The chances of this are basically impossible!

Do you know what it means when God speaks something twice?  It means it’s a sure thing.  It cannot be changed.  You can’t pray it away.  You can’t wish it away.  God has purposed it, so it WILL happen!  This is what I believe God did by controlling this (Jan 8, 2021) video to end with a 28, which was talking about another video (Feb 28, 2019) He controlled to end with a 28.  It’s miraculous!


It was only after this — after seeing these two videos that ended in 28 — that God put it in my heart, “You need to look at ALL the 11 digit codes to the videos on your 2028 END YouTube channel.”  So that’s what I did.  And that’s when my mind was REALLY blown!

The first thing I discovered is we only have 222 videos on our channel.  That’s it!  In a decade!  I joined YouTube June 7, 2010, right after writing the book “Undeniable Biblical Proof Jesus Christ Will Return to Planet Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After the Year of His Death”.  Therefore, in a little over 10 years I uploaded only 222 videos, and yet I got the number “28” twice in the 11 digit codes, and both times at the end! 


Guys, as you can imagine, the odds for this are terrible.  Here’s how you calculate the odds.  There’s 64 different characters possible for each digit in YouTube’s 11 digit code.  (I had this wrong in confirmation #11.  I said 62, because I didn’t know YouTube also uses the dash ( – ) and underscore ( _ ) marks.)  So they use the lower and uppercase alphabets (52 options), the numbers 0 thru 9 (10 options), and the dash and underscore (2 options).  That’s 64 total options for each digit.

So the chance (or probability) of getting a “28” anywhere in YouTube’s 11 digit code is 1/64 times 1/64.  There’s a 1 in 64 chance to get a “2” and then a 1 in 64 chance to get an “8”.  Multiplying these odds, we get a 1 in 4,096 chance.  This means, we will get a “28” (on average) every 4,096 chances in YouTube’s 11 digit code.

Odds in YouTube's 11 Digit Codes

But here’s where it gets tricky … this doesn’t mean you’ll get a “28” (on average) every 4,096 videos you upload.  No!  This is because there’s 10 spots (10 chances) to get a “28” in every 11 digit code (See image below).  You have a chance to get it at the 1st and 2nd position, you have a chance to get it at the 2nd and 3rd position, the 3rd and 4th position, etc.  And if you follow this out, you’ll see there are 10 chances to get a “28” in each 11 digit code YouTube generates.

So what does this mean?  It simply means you have to divide 4,096 by 10 to get the number of videos you need to upload (on average) to get a 28.  So that’s 409.6, or let’s just say 410 videos.  So you can expect to get the number “28” every 410 videos you upload.

But remember, I only uploaded 222 videos.  About half that amount!  And I got 28 twice!  And both times I got the number at the END of the 11 digit code, saying “2028 END”.  And specifically, on the two videos we talked about above, which were literally about 2028 END!  This is miraculous, guys!  This is the hand of God!


Ok, so what about the 11 digit codes now of ALL our videos?  All 222 videos!  Is there something more there?  More 28’s?  Surely not!  I mean we got two of them already — in only a little over 200 videos! — when we should’ve uploaded over 800 videos to get them.  So anymore 28’s would be ridiculous!  Well, keep reading!

So this is what I did: I made an Excel file listing all the numbers from 00 to 99.  That’s 100 different double digit numbers we can potentially get in YouTube’s 11 digit codes.  Now realize, the odds for getting any of these double digit numbers is the same as getting a 28.  It’s 1/64 times 1/64, or 1 in 4,096 chances.

So just like a “28” you should expect to get these other double digit numbers once every 410 videos uploaded.  But remember, I only uploaded 222 videos, about half that amount.  So what should we expect to get?  We should only have gotten about half the numbers!  The other half we should never have gotten even once.  So take a look …

So what did I get?  I got 41 of the 100 different (double digit) numbers.  59 of them I never got once!  10 of them I got twice!  Which is amazing!  But do you see the one I got FOUR TIMES!!!  28 !!!  What?!?!  How can this be?  That’s our channel … 2028 END.

Why didn’t we get “28” zero times?  I mean there’s 59 numbers we never got, so why wasn’t “28” one of them?  Sounds logical to me!  There shouldn’t be anything to this!  How can I have the number “28” the most out of the 100 different double digit numbers?  FOUR TIMES!!!  Twice as much as any other number!  I should have uploaded over 1,600 videos to get this!  But I only uploaded a measly 222 total videos.  Friend, this is so far off the odds it screams — MIRACULOUS!!!!!!


So here now are the 4 videos I got a “28” in the 11 digit URL code:

Video #19 (Jan 20, 2013) – 10 Love Commandments Revolution
Video #58 (Dec 19, 2015) – 10 Love Commandments Poster
Video #167 (Feb 28, 2019) – God’s 7 Day Plan in 4 Minutes
Video #222 (Jan 8, 2021) – 1 in 50 Million Odds.

So what’s special about these 4 videos?  Well, video upload #19 (Jan 20, 2013) is a song I was inspired to write and sing back in 2012 entitled “10 Love Commandments Revolution”.  This song is about Christ’s return!  It’s about the battle that will take place at Christ’s return.

In it, I’m wailing the lyric “when the smoke clears, love will fill the air” which is talking about the fire that will burn Earth’s surface at Christ’s return!  Notice I said, “WHEN the smoke clears …” and God drops a “28” in the video’s code — _28TuJmS0jE!  Answering when!  2028!!!  Of course I never knew it until now (January 2021).  Listen to the song sometime, and think about God attaching a 28 to it!  Stunning!

The next video with a “28” in it was video upload #58 (Dec 19, 2015).  So in just 58 video uploads, I already had gotten TWO 28’s.  That’s almost impossible!  I should’ve uploaded 820 videos to get two 28’s, not only 58 videos!  This is miraculous!  And do you see what the video is about?  The 10 Love Commandments again!  It’s the short promo video for the 10LC poster Ramsey and I had created!  This goes right back to the song “10 Love Commandments Revolution.”

Friend, God is attaching “28” to the 10 Love Commandments because He knows “2028” is the year of Christ’s return, after which only the resurrected righteous will live on Earth, with hearts full of love!  God will put His laws in them!  They will keep the 10LC.  The 10 Love Commandments revolution is going to happen 2028!


So that’s it!  You already know the last two videos with “28” in their 11 digit codes.  They happened in the last two years, as we already talked about.  “God’s 7 Day (7000 Year) Plan in 4 Minutes” was video upload #167 (Feb 28, 2019) — the intro video to our 2028 END website!  That magical 4 minute video that God controlled the 11 digit code to begin with a “6” and end with a “28”!  Notice the “28” in the upload date, as well?  That was not planned either!  Amazing

So I lived knowing about this video upload #167 (Feb 28, 2019) 2028 END confirmation since it’s upload date (two years), wanting to make a confirmation video about it (and a confirmation page on our website) but just never finding the time.  That is until this month (Jan 2021)!  Finally, I had the time to work on the video.  And what happens?  I upload the video Jan 8, 2021 (video #222) “1 in 50 Million Odds”, and God ends it with (yet another) … 28.  Saying — 2028 END — twice!

Well now you know the full history of our 2028 END YouTube channel, and what God was doing — secretly, behind the scenes! — with the number 28.  I think its safe to say, you can get excited about seeing Jesus, because we don’t have long now — 2028 END!