Ramsey’s Health Card Number 2028

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“Fear the Lord, and depart from evil.
It shall be HEALTH to your flesh,
and strength to your bones”
(Proverbs 3:7-8)

Gabriel’s Prayer (Early 2010)

In early 2010, I (Gabriel Ansley Erb) prayed to the Lord in earnest that He would please send someone to help me with the online work of this ministry.  It took all of my time, money, and energy in 2008 & 2009 to write, publish, and print 5,000 copies of the book Undeniable Biblical Proof Jesus Christ Will Return to Planet Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After the Year of His Death.  And now in early 2010, God was impressing on me to create a website and videos to help support the book online.  The only problem was … I knew NOTHING about websites or video creation.  I was overwhelmed!  And therein lay the reason for my desperate prayer.

I immediately bought books on website coding and video creation software and began studying.  And thankfully, by summertime 2010, I had a primitive version of a website up online for the book, including a link for people to read the entire book for free.

Well, it was only a month or so after that, and I received a surprising email from a man named Ramsey who lived in Lebanon (the country), desiring to help!  He wanted to create a 10 Love Commandments website, complete with logo, poster, and info to support the book’s salvation message.  I was STUNNED & STOKED!!!  Hallelujah, God had heard my prayer!!!  And He had wonderful plans I knew NOTHING about!

Long story short, Ramsey and I have been in contact almost every day since then by email, and all those things put in his heart by God are now accomplished.  Please visit the beautiful www.10LoveCommandments.com website to see the result.  We still have never met face to face, but without a shadow of a doubt Ramsey was God’s answer to my prayer!  He’s helped me so much with all 3 websites now involved in this ministry, including this www.2028END.com website you’re currently visiting.  I will forever be thankful to Ramsey and his service, in helping me deliver this message to the world!


The 2028 END Confirmation

Ok, so I told you all of that just to be able to tell you of this next exciting “2028 END” confirmation.  Over two years after Ramsey and I had been working together, on September 28, 2013, he informs me of an exciting nugget of information about himself in an email (note: Ramsey was originally born in Canada and his family still resides there).  The actual email is transcribed below:

September 28, 2013

“… Oh, I just remembered, the other day I was looking at my health card number, and you would not believe what I discovered. In Canada all citizens have this card and we’ve had it since our childhood. Kinda like what Obama is trying to start in the USA with much opposition “obamacare”. Anyway, we’ve had a 10 digit number assigned to us all of our lives, and it is like the credit card numbers. Guess which number is embedded in mine? You guessed it … 2028!!!!

I freaked out when I saw this and meant to tell you but forgot. So I’ve been seeing this particular number all my life. Coincidence? Too crazy!

What’s even freakier is the way the numbers are divided in groups of 4, 3 and 3. And the first four numbers are 2028! Crazy!

Here’s a pic of it. Check it out.”


Later that day I wrote Ramsey back:

September 28, 2013

“Wow, bro!!! That is amazing!!!

You know what else was just brought to my mind … this 2028 number is on your HEALTH card!!!! Bro, the most important “health” one could be concerned about is the health of their SOUL! And 2028 is the timeframe when everyone will find out what kind of HEALTH PLAN (INSURANCE) they REALLY HAD!!!!”



So let’s put this all in perspective:

  1. I say a prayer to God asking for help in 2010
  2. He sends me just ONE person, Ramsey, a few months later
  3. Three years later we realize Ramsey was issued a health card from birth in the 1970’s that starts with the number 2028!

Coincidence?  You decide!  But it appears to me that God wanted to confirm the prophetic message in the “Undeniable Biblical Proof” book I wrote — the righteous saints (those without the mark of the beast) on Earth at the end of the Antichrist’s reign will have their health restored at Jesus Christ’s Second Coming Feast of Trumpets AD 2028!


Gabriel Ansley Erb