2028 END Website Homepage Intro Video

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“Great is our Lord, and of Great Power:
His Understanding is Infinite”
(Psalms 147:5)

This is the 11th 2028 END confirmation God performed and brought to my attention.  What’s really cool about this confirmation is the odds of it happening can be calculated!  It’s a 1 in 50 million chance!!!  That’s basically impossible, except for God!  Let me tell you the story.

In October 2018 I finished creating our 10 part “2028 END” video series, and I found out in December of that year (while making the DVD cover art) that the series was exactly 280 minutes long!  It blew my mind!  You can learn all about that in Confirmation #10.

Right after that God told me to place the 10 videos from the 2028 END video series on the homepage of our “2028 END” website, so people would instantly see them.  Then He wanted me to make a short introduction video (to introduce people to the message in the 10 part series) and to place this video at the top of the homepage of this site, right above the 10 videos.  This video would be the first video people would see who visit our 2028 END website.  And it would sit there till Christ returns!

So I did everything God asked.  I created the introduction video in February 2019, and then when I went to upload the video to YouTube on Feb 28, 2019, my eyes were immediately drawn to the 11 digit code YouTube’s bots randomly create for every video uploaded.  This unique eleven digit code becomes the URL for the video, so it can be shared online.  A screenshot of the code is below, or click HERE to see the actual video on YouTube and notice its URL.

2028 End Intro Video YouTube URL

Do you see it?  The code began with a 6 and ended with a 28!  WHAT!?!?!  Friend, this is the message in the video!  This is the exact same message I have been speaking for God since 2008!  Namely, that “God declared the end from the BEGINNING” (Isaiah 46:10) by using the number 6, so the code BEGAN with a 6, and those 6 Creation days foretold of a 6,000 year plan, which will END with Christ’s return in the year 2028, so the code ENDED with a 28!!!

Guys, this is virtually impossible!  Everything else was just meaningless letters, which made the 6 at the beginning and the 28 at the end stand out like sore thumbs!  The code was screaming the message in the video: THE 6,000 YEAR ENDS 2028.

When I looked closer though, I noticed what I first thought was a capital letter O in the middle of the code was really the number zero (0).  Well, if you learned confirmation #10, you know God told me a zero (0) represents time’s expired.  Time has counted down to 0.  No time left!  In other words, “the end”.  So the 6 in the beginning, the zero in the middle, and the 28 at the end was/is saying … Day 6 (earth’s 6,000 year) will END in the year 2028.

Completely mind-blowing!!!

Guys, the odds of YouTube’s bots kicking out this random 11 digit code having a 6 at the beginning, a zero somewhere in the middle, a 28 at the end, and nothing else but meaningless letters is over 1 in 50 million!!!!  1 IN 50 MILLION CHANCE!!!  That’s virtually impossible!  How did God do this?  How can God even control computers!!!  It’s mind-blowing!!!  But its obvious God kicked out this code for this video – the most important video I have introducing the world to this “2028 END” message! – which will sit at the top of the 2028 END website till the Lord returns!

Now for the odds, here’s how they’re calculated.  Each digit in YouTube’s 11 digit code can be either be a lowercase letter (so that’s 26 letters), or an upper case letter (that’s another 26 letters), or one of the 10 digits zero thru 9.  So that’s 62 possible options for each digit in the 11 digit code.

So the odds of getting a 6 for the first digit are 1 out of 62.  The odds of getting any letter for the second digit are 52 out of 62.  Following these odds out for each digit in the code, and you get the following.

Then, if you want the odds of this entire 11 digit code, you simply multiply the fractions.  For example, if you roll a 6 sided dice (numbered 1 thru 6) the odds of getting a 5 are 1/6.  If you roll the same dice again, the odds of getting a 5 are again 1/6.  So now, to get the odds of rolling a dice twice and landing a 5 both times, you simply multiply the fractional odds 1/6 x 1/6, which equals 1/36.  Therefore, on average, every 36 times you roll a dice twice you will end up hitting two 5’s.


Ok, now that you understand how these odds are calculated, we simply need to multiply all the fractional odds for each of the 11 digits in our YouTube’s 11 digit code.  Then set that fraction equal to 1/X, and solve for X.  The odds are as follows: