Dream of Panic 28 – Jesus Return 2028!

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“In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy …
young men will see visions, old men will DREAM dreams.
(Acts 2:17)



On Tuesday June 5, 2018, in Finland, the Holy Spirit gave a young woman named Elisa a vivid but troubling dream connected to the number 28.  After months of confusion about the dream, she finally figured out what God was trying to tell her!

I was with my mother standing outside my house, surrounded by fields and forest, when all of a sudden I turned to her and said very seriously, “Somethings about to happen!”  It was like someone else or something else said the words through me.

We then started walking, and I looked to my left over the fields and I saw a dark gray/green military style airplane flying strangely low just above the trees.  Then I noticed the sky! It was weird! It looked like glass, shimmering, almost as if it were glazed, but like glass.

And then, all of a sudden, we heard this terrible loud noise, a noise I had never heard before.  The moment it happened, the birds in the forest flew up into the air over our heads.  It seemed as if every bird in the forest was trying to escape something!

My mom started to panic!  But before I had the chance to panic, I suddenly got the number “28”. It was like a word of knowledge, an instant understanding that what we were experiencing hadn’t happened yet, but it would happen on “28”.  And right then I woke up.

Actual Journal of Elisa’s Dream written in Finnish


The dream is pretty straight-forward really, everything is representative of the day of Christ’s return.  On that day, there will be a battle taking place, the battle of Armegeddon, and thus the military plane symbol in the dream.  There will also be a loud noise, a shout, the voice of the archangel and the trump of God, followed by mass panic.  All of these elements were in the dream.

But the best part may be the sky looking like glass.  The Bible tells us before God’s throne is a sea of glass (Revelation 4:6, 15:2), and Paul tells us we only know in part right now as if seeing through a dim glass (I Corinthians 13:12), but ALL will be revealed on the day Christ returns.  These elements combined might be why the sky was symbolized as looking like glass.

So the dream began with the Holy Spirit saying “Something is going to happen”, then displayed the main elements of the day of Christ’s return, and then ended with the knowledge that it will occur on “28”, meaning the year 2028.  My, oh my, is something ever going to happen alright!!!  The king of the universe is going to step through the glassy veil, and this mystery will be over once and for all!

Email Conversation between Elisa & Gabriel,
reprinted here to aid your belief in her visionary dream:

December 21, 2018

Hi sister,

Amazing dream! It sure sounds like you heard from the Creator of the Universe in dream form! Awesome!

The loud noise is exactly what it says about the day Christ returns … “For the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God.” (I Thess 4:16).

Just curious, did you feel fear when this happened in your dream? Because the Bible says, men’s hearts will be failing them for fear on this last day.

The military plane also appears to be symbolic of the fact that the battle of Armageddon will be taking place on the day of Christ’s return.

Did you say the sky looked like “GLASS”? Shimmering like glass? If so, the Bible twice mentions this sea of glass around God’s throne. So this appears to be saying God’s throne, or kingdom, is coming to planet Earth, which is what will happen the day of Christ’s return, Jesus’ kingdom will be set up and it will never end. : )))


Do you want me to share this dream on my YouTube channel? Do you have a youtube channel? Also, where are you from? You have a different accent, but I can’t tell what country?



The same day Elisa wrote back:

December 21, 2018


First I want to thank you for taking the time to watch my video. I don’t have a youtube channel so you’re the first one I shared this video with.

I also figured the noise was something to do with Christ return because it sounded as if it came from above. The other thing is, I strangely didn’t really feel any emotion during this dream … it was as if I was just observing the whole situation and getting knowledge. I hope I won’t fear when it happens in reality …

That’s a good point what you said about the military plane … either the sound came from the plane crashing down and exploding, or it was the trumpet, because I can’t exactly remember what kind of sound it was but I just remember it being LOUD.

Yes the sky looked like a glass, not sure if it was a shimmer or shine but definitely something unusual. The exact words I was thinking when I saw it was ”the sky is glazed”. It didn’t look ”soft” like it normally does.

And lastly, you can do a video about the one that I sent you if it got some potential and could be good for others to know. I don’t think I will post this anywhere else since I got no social media (facebook etc.) so it would be actually good if you could share this.

I’m from Finland 🙂

Thank you once again! Glad somebody finally heard me out. God bless!!

Gabriel wrote back:

December 21, 2018

Ok, I’ll definitely share it soon on our YouTube channel.

It’s amazing, because I said to my wife back about 6 months ago, “Honey, I really feel that God is going to talk to someone around the 10 year mark from the end (which was Feast of Trumpets 2018, around Sept/Oct 2018) again confirming the Lord’s return in 2028. I might not hear from them about it for a while afterwards, but I really feel God is going to speak to someone confirming this date.”

AND HERE YOU ARE!!! : )) Amazing.

You have your dream in June, and then I wonder if around Sept/Oct you were finally figuring it out, that the “28” was a year?

By the way, did you see a number “28” in your dream? Or just hear “28” spoken in your spirit as you awoke? I was just curious on how that happened.

Thanks so much for sharing, we will get this out to the world.

God bless,


Elisa wrote back:

December 21, 2018

I’m glad I could confirm you and myself this all. It just proves that God was behind all of it since I only fully realized the meaning of 28 only after seeing YOUR channel’s name … haha

I didn’t really see it or hear it, I just suddenly knew for sure (just like when I told my mom something was going to happen) that it had to do with number 28 and once I got that, I also knew it was a date or year so all that I saw didn’t happen yet. Then I woke up. It’s very weird to explain because I’ve never felt that kind of “instant knowledge” before, even though it was in my dream.

Thank you for the link and once/if you make a video about this, could you please let me know after you’ve posted it? Would be interesting to see if anyone shares their point of view as well. 🙂



All during the year 2018 I had this feeling that God would confirm “2028 END” again, because I knew it was the year (fall 2018) we would go under 10 years left till Christ’s return (fall 2028)!  And I’m well aware of how important numbers are to God, especially the number 10.

So it was just a burning feeling — a burning knowing — in me that God was going to speak again at the 10 year mark from the end, confirming Christ’s return in 2028.  I didn’t know how He would do it, or when I would hear about it, but I believed it would happen! 

Well the rest is now history!  All during the year 2018 was when I was creating our 10 part “2028 END” video series, and I found out in December 2018 (while making the DVD artwork for it) that the series miraculously turned out to be exactly 280 minutes long!  Then Elisa emailed me in December, as well, with her June 2018 dream! 

Yes, God was confirming “2028 END” all throughout 2018, ten years from the end, just as I thought!  What an amazing God we serve!