God Confirms “2028 END” Using Gabriel’s Book

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“In the days of the voice of the seventh angel,
Then the MYSTERY OF GOD is finished,
as He preached to His servants the prophets”
(Revelation 10:7)

The UPB Book Secret

Alright, folks, so here’s another fascinating “2028 END” confirmation God did to confirm Christ’s return in the year AD 2028.  And this one involves the book I wrote back in AD 2008, titled “Undeniable Biblical Proof Jesus Christ Will Return to Planet Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After the Year of His Death”.  God did this confirmation using the printed books and the way they were packaged.  And let me say, right out of the gate … God hid this confirmation from me for 9 years!  He kept it a secret.  I had no idea He had done what I’m about to tell you, until late last year 2018, when He revealed it to me.  So here’s what happened.

UPB Box Packaging

In 2009, when I had finished writing the book’s manuscript, the Lord laid it on my heart to print 5,000 copies of the book, and keep them here at my house.  So that’s what I did.  And I didn’t know how they’d be packaged (meaning how many books per box) but when they arrived in January 2010, I saw there were 20 books per box.  And the shipping weight was listed on the outside of the box.  It was 26 lbs as you can see in the picture.  So I never thought anything else about it.

2028 End Box of 20 Books

Well late last year (2018) something was impressing upon me to take the box of books to the post office and weigh it.  This was around the same time I learned God had controlled our 10 part “2028 END” video series to be exactly 280 minutes, and also that the first verse of the Bible contained 28 letters (God declared the end from the beginning).

UPB Box Real Weight

But back to the story, so I took the box of books to the Post Office, and I weighed it.  And guess what it weighed?  It wasn’t 26lbs.  It was 27 lbs 5.6 oz!  I weighed it on 3 different machines.  27 lbs 5.6 oz.  Now if you know anything about shipping, you know after the first pound, the shipping weight goes by the pound.  So if a package weighs 4 lb 3 oz, it ships as 5 lbs.  If a package weighs 13 lb 9 oz, it ships as 14 lbs.  And so forth!  So do you see it?  My box of 20 books, weighing 27 lbs 5.6 oz, ships as 28 lbs!  20 books ship as 28 lbs — 2028 End!

Box of 2028 End Books

Guys I was dumbfounded!  All this time I thought my box of books weighed 26 lbs, because that’s what’s printed on the outside.  But it’s wrong!  It’s 27 lbs 5.6 oz.  All I can figure is the books were shipped freight mail.  The boxes were literally on skids in downtown Nashville at some trucking company.  My friend and I had to go down there and pick them up.  They loaded the skids on his flat bed trailer and we brought them home.  So all I can figure is freight mail must not be very accurate, because of the huge weights involved.  The 5000 books weighed over 6000 lbs!

But now being extremely curious about it all … I actually took the 20 books out of the box at the Post Office, and weighed them separately.  And as you can see in the picture, they weighed 26 lbs 5.2 oz.  So even the books alone were over 26 lbs.  Then I weighed the cardboard box they came in along with the two pieces of cardboard that came inside on top the books.  This weighed 1 lb 0.5 oz.  So no matter how you looked at it … the box of 20 books weighed 27 lb 5.6 oz, and therefore it ships as 28 lbs.  20 books ship as 28 lbs, 2028.  Mind-blowing!

20 UBP Books Weight


So this now is another 2028 END confirmation God did that won’t leave my mind.  I think about it often.  I wrote and wrote on the book’s manuscript (20 months from start to finish).  It’s then printed in 6 x 9 format and contains 408 pages.  Then when the books arrive, they’re packaged 20 books to a box!  And now I learn that box has a shipping weight of 28 lbs!  Are you kidding me?  So if I had written a little less, or a little more, the weight of the books would be less than 27 lbs, or over 28 lbs.  And then this 20-28 confirmation wouldn’t exist!  And of course the books didn’t need to arrive 20 books per box!  Why not 25 or 30 books in a box?  And then this 20-28 confirmation wouldn’t exist!

But no … I was led of God to write exactly what I did, so that just enough paper was used per book, so that when the books arrived packaged 20 books per box, the shipping weight is 28 lbs!  Friend, that’s mind-boggling to me!  Everything had to be just right!  And then God keeps this a secret from me for 9 years, because they wrote the wrong weight on the outside of the box!  Stunning!!!

I got to be honest with you … I don’t understand how God controls these things.  I don’t understand how He controlled our 10 Part “2028 END” video series to be exactly 280 minutes.  It’s all mind-blowing to me!  I make the case throughout the book for the Lord’s return in 2028, and then God packages the books 20 books to a box, with a shipping weight of 28 lbs.  How’s that possible?  What’s God doing?  All I can say, friends … is Jesus Christ is going to return to this planet in the year 2028, which will be the 2,000 year after the year of His death, just as the cover of the book proclaims.

Final Thoughts

And let me explain one last thing to you, just in case in your wondering … I’ve shipped the box of 20 books in the past 9 years, but whenever I did I always packaged it inside of another box, usually using wood and whatever else to protect the box of books inside.  I didn’t want the box of books getting damaged.  So the shipping weight was always over 30 lbs, and I never really thought anything more about it.  So that’s how God kept me from weighing the ACTUAL box for the last 9 years.  And it wasn’t until last year that I weighed it alone.

By the way, you can get this box of 20 books on our book website (UndeniableBiblicalProof.com) for only $100 dollars.  That’s just $5 a book!  For a 400 page book!  And those books come with 60 Creation brochures, and a free DVD and Blu-ray of our 10 part “2028 END” video series.  So as you can see, we REALLY want you to have this message in your home.  We’re doing everything we can to make this message as affordable as possible, so you can have it in physical form in your home.  This way you don’t have to rely on the internet to receive this message from God.  And you can easily pass it to others.

So that’s it … there’s another INCREDIBLE confirmation God has done supporting 2028 END.  The book I wrote in 2008, came packaged 20 book per box, with a shipping weight of 28 lbs.  20-28 END.  Amazing.