God Confirms AD 2028 Will Be Year 6,000

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“Behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven;
and all the proud, yea, all that do wickedly,
shall be stubble: the day that cometh shall burn them up
(Malachi 4:1)



This confirmation God did back on the Sabbath day of December 28, 2013, and I only found out about it on the Sabbath evening of November 19, 2021.  It is an AMAZING confirmation, for it contains the three major prophetic utterances of our “2028 END” ministry, which have been spoken since 2008 in our UBP book:

  1. Planet Earth will be 6,000 years old when Christ returns
  2. Planet Earth will be 6,000 years old AD 2028
  3. Planet Earth will be completely on fire at Christ’s return


December 28, 2013, a bodybuilder named Paul Adams had a dream.  He was in the dream.  There was a bright light in the sky and the earth was heating up.  People were panicking.  They were building shelters and bunkers trying to find some way to escape the heat.  Paul and his family’s plan was to head to a cabin in the woods.

Then the scene changed, and Paul was inside a huge room with a cathedral ceiling and big huge windows.  The windows were covered in paper to block out the heat.  But Paul saw the heat from outside began to burn holes in the paper.  It was so hot!

Then the scene changed again, and Paul was back outside heading for the cabin.  People were panicking.  People were burning.  People were vanishing.  All the while the light in the sky was getting brighter and brighter, until soon it was a blinding white light.  Right then Paul woke up!  He looked at his clock and it was exactly 6:00 am.


So what does this all mean?  The 6:00 am stood for year 6,000.  And Paul had the dream on the 28th day of a month, which stood for year 2028.  All together, the bright white light appearing, the burning earth, the 28 and the 6:00 am was God saying, “Earth will burn at Christ’s return year 6,000 (AD 2028).  And fascinatingly, this has been precisely Gabriel Ansley Erb’s message since the year 2008!


We here at 2028 END are stunned at the lengths to which God is going to confirm His 2028 END message, as spoken through His prophet Gabriel Ansley Erb.  If people don’t listen to this message and get right with God, it’s going to be an awful tragedy, for God has done about all He can to convince people this message is from Him.



I wanted to give you all an update concerning Paul Adam’s dream December 28, 2013.  As you know, Paul woke up at 6:00 am (day 28 of a month) from a dream of the earth burning at Christ’s return, which I interpreted to prophesy Christ will return in flaming fire earth’s 6,000 year AD 2028.

Well, get this, a few days after making the video, someone commented underneath it … “Pretty crazy he was 60 years old when he had the dream as well.”

I was floored! I didn’t know how this person knew this!  So I contacted Paul, and he said, “Oh, at the 14:04 mark of the video I say it … “Yeah, I’m really 60.”

Guys, at that spot in the video, I thought Paul had said, “Yeah, I’m really sexxy.”  I thought he was just being funny!  You know, self-deprecating!  I had NO CLUE he had said, “Yeah, I’m really 60” … speaking of his AGE that day, the day of his dream !!!!

GUYS …. 60 YEARS OLD …. YEAR 6,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember, I tell you all about Noah’s story in our 10 part “2028 END” video series, that God wanted Noah’s AGE to be 600 when the Flood hit, because it also foretells of Christ’s return year 6000!

I’M BLOWN AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!

What are the chances Paul was EXACTLY 60 years old, ALSO, when he had his dream at 6:00 am on 28?

THINK PEOPLE, THINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus will return in flaming fire Earth’s 6,000 year (AD 2028).