Day 7 (Sabbath Rest)


Creation Day 7 Prophecy

Considering God’s Master Plan for planet Earth, the most important event to occur during Earth’s seventh 1,000 year period will be the millennial reign of Jesus Christ with all the resurrected saints.  This period will begin immediately after Christ returns to planet Earth, during Earth’s 6,000 year, and Satan is locked up in the bottomless pit.  It will be a beautiful, holy time, for men will know war, disease, and pain no longer!  Peace and love will reign in human and animals hearts: “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the goat; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them” (Isaiah 11:6).  Oh, what a glorious and restful time it will be!

And how did God foretell of this wondrous time in the seventh day (24hrs) of Creation?  It’s in these words: “And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it” (Genesis 2:3).  To “sanctify” something means to “set it apart as holy”.  In other words, holiness MUST and WILL reign during Earth’s seventh millennium.  And this means Earth will rest from the sin that has so long plagued it.  Yes, after 6,000 long years … it will FINALLY be the BLESSED SABBATH!  Hallelujah.



Jacob (Israel) worked 7 years for a bride.  This foretold that Jesus will also work (leading men to repentance) for 7 days (or 7,000 years) till he receives his final righteous bride.  Remember, at the end of the Sabbath millennium, Satan will be released for a short time to go out and deceive people, so Christ’s final bride will not be complete until the full 7 days (7,000 years) are over. (Genesis 29:20)
God commanded the Israelites to rest the land (earth) every 7th year.  They were to work sowing, pruning, and gathering for 6 years, but year 7 was to be a Sabbath rest for the land. Here again God was confirming His master time plan, that mankind would work under sin’s curse for 6,000 years, and then the Sabbath millennium would arrive. (Leviticus 25:1-7)
The prophet Elisha told the leper Namaan to wash seven times in the Jordan River and he would be healed.  Sure enough, he did and he was!  This was a prophetic scene confirming the 7th millennium will be the time when ALL the righteous will be made whole, receiving their glorified bodies! (II Kings 5:14)
There’s a running theme in the Gospels of Jesus healing people on the Sabbath day.  Why was this?  It’s because Jesus’ miracles had meaning!  Every healing miracle Jesus performed on the 7th day Sabbath foretold that at the end of year 6,000 (start of Earth’s Sabbath millennium) the righteous lame will leap, blind will see, deaf will hear, and dumb will speak!  Hallelujah! (Mark 3:1-6)
There’s a verse in the book of Job saying, “He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee”.  These words are prophecy, foretelling mankind will be in trouble for 6 millenniums, needing the Lord to deliver them, but in the 7th millennium Satan will be locked up in the bottomless pit, and no evil shall touch them! (Job 5:19)



Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.  And on The Seventh Day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.  And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.  (Genesis 2:1-3)


God’s promise of entering his rest still stands, so we ought to tremble with fear that some of you might fail to experience it.  For this good news — that God has prepared this rest — has been announced to us just as it was to them.  But it did them no good because they didn’t share the faith of those who listened to (obeyed) God.  For only we who believe (obey) can enter his rest.  As for the others, God said, “In my anger I took an oath: ‘They will never enter my place of rest,’” even though this rest has been ready since he made the world.  We know it is ready because of the place in the Scriptures where it mentions the seventh day: “On the seventh day God rested from all his work.”  So God’s rest is there for people to enter, but those who first heard this good news failed to enter because they disobeyed God … So there is a special rest (Sabbath) still waiting for the people of God.  For all who have entered into God’s rest have rested from their labors, just as God did after creating the world.  So let us do our best to enter that rest.  But if we disobey God, as the people of Israel did, we will fail.  (Hebrews 4:1-11)

Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.  And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.  (Revelation 14:12-13)

After those days, says the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.  And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, “Know the LORD”: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, says the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.  (Jeremiah 31:33-34)



Why would God want written in the Creation story: “And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made” (Genesis 2:2)?  Isn’t that an odd way of saying, “God finished creating things”?  Rather, the wording sounds like God literally ENDED (or put an end to) the things He had just made, meaning He destroyed them.  And amazingly, this is precisely what’s going to take place after Earth’s 6,000 year — Earth’s surface will be destroyed with fire, along with all the ungodly, during Christ’s return, and THEN the 7th millennium (Sabbath) will begin!


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  1. From adam to birth of christ is just under 4000 years(there is a reason for those 4 years short).from a.d.35 ,which is one and half years after christ death and resurrection until today(2017) has been1982 years.we have 18 years left in this 2000 years of dispensation of grace.remember there is no king without a kingdom and no kingdom without a king.jesus earthly ministry was in fact the establishing of the millennial kingdom looked for and prophesied about.jesus,prophet,priest and king were rejected.the jews and kingdom were temporaily set aside.paul the apostle was called-romans thru philemon to preach salvation going to the gentiles.after two days of grace offered to jews and gentiles christ will agsin offer the millinial kingdom to the. jews.he will rais the dead(as before)heal the. sick(as before)heal the land and cast demons out of his kingdom(as before)

    .they will not reject him this time.those 33 years belong to the millennial.the 1 and half year betwern resurrection and pauls calling of the dispensation of grace belong to tribulation period.remember he said that time will be shortened. To save their life


  2. Yeah but you are forgetting to tell about the weekly sabbath the 4th Commandment That God still tells us to keep holy let me guess you must be a Sunday Worshiper or else you would of spoke of the weekly 7th day Sabbath

      • SDA has a lot of good end-time info … including the role of the Papacy … but their fixation on a physical Sabbath Day is in error. Read Hebrews 4:1-16. By the way, I personally believe that the 2028 to 2035 timeline is pretty accurate (as long as it doesn’t become “dogmatic” by those who promote it). Christians have been “setting dates” for decades … only to be proven wrong (and that includes the SDA church).

        • 2028 END Ministries is not a SDA ministry. We are not, and have never been a part of that church, or any other church denomination.

          We are simply speaking the truth of God’s Word, prophetically and doctrinally, and ALL TEN of God’s Love Commandments are in full affect and will continue to be in full affect through the millennial reign of Christ, and on into eternity. They are not the NINE commandments, but the TEN, as God has even etched on our bodies …

        • Hebrews 4:1-16 speaks exactly of the Seventh Day Sabbath. Verses 8-9 specifically make this abundantly clear.

      • Wow, Gabriel, I had no idea! I watched your video on the “Ten Toes & Fingers” and was amazed. It’s a very interesting analogy, but I doubt that it is in fact the Word of God. How can you possibly teach that one receives eternal life through the keeping of the Ten Commandments when the very Gospel of Jesus Christ has concluded all “under sin” because of our total inability to keep the Ten Commandments in the first place? That’s why we need Jesus Christ (who “fulfilled the Law”) in order that we might be saved from our sins through FAITH in what Jesus Christ accomplished … and not us. Paul’s letters to the Romans and the Galatians clearly teaches this. If you break just one commandment in this life, you’re dead in trespasses and sins and condemned under the Law. Only the righteousness of Christ which is imputed unto those who “believe” (without the “deeds” of the Law) are justified before the Father. Born again believers have the “righteousness of Christ” … NOT their own righteousness obtained through keeping the Ten Commandments. You’re not teaching the “good news” of the Gospel, but rather Jewish fables and the Law.

  3. The 6000th year period finishes at the start of the 7000th year the 7th day Sabbath of Rest.

    The 8000th year is the start of the Millennial Reign, as it’s the Lords perfect number.

    Gabriel, please can you help with this. As I’m bamboozled as to what’s going on. I’ve been taught differently as you can see. However, I’m missing the period between the 7000th and 8000th.

    You know I was always led to believe. When I die I be in a deep sleep. Then awakened when the Lord comes for me to go home with Him.

    I’ve been only studying the Revelations for the last 24hrs. Now, I’ve come to see that I could be coming back to reign with Him under His power and glory of Love. To help teach those of His word during the 1000yr period or if the Tribulation does come to fruition in our time and I make it through. I’ll be transformed anew to carry out His work to teach, again during His reign.

    Thanks a Millennium

    Ngakau V. Serevantez

    • Hi Ngakau,

      It’s ok, brother. People often get confused with the numbers of how the thousand years line up to each day. Please look closely at the header image at the top of each of these “math” pages. Do you see the 7 Day line graph? Do you also see the 1,000 year period that aligns with each of these days, written right under the graph’s line?

      Notice, the FIRST DAY’s millennium starts with year 0 (Creation) and ends with year 1,000. The SECOND DAY’s millennium starts with year 1,000 and ends with year 2,000. And on and on, until the SIXTH DAY’s millennium ends with year 6,000.

      It is RIGHT THEN, at the end of 6 Days (or 6,000 years) that the millennial reign of Jesus Christ begins in prophetic fulfillment of the 7th Day Sabbath in the Creation story. Do you understand? So years 6,000 to 7,000 are Christ’s glorious millennial reign.

      THEN, at the end of that millennium, Eternity (known as the 8th day) starts at year 7,000 and goes for eternity. God’s perfect number is 7, not 8, and Day 7 will end with year 7,000.

      Hope this helps. Just look closely at the above graph and notice corresponding years to each day.



      • Yes your are correct 7 is Gods number as it unifies the Trinity 777.

        But, as I did write the ‘Lords’ (Jesus Christ) perfect number is 8. The Lords name Jesus in numerical true Hebrew/Greek value is 888.

        You say count from Zero to give us the reign to be at 7000th year. This is wrong in my thoughts and understanding, as God has never ever spoken Zero. He always is One.

        Also, Jesus is Resurrection. He is not Rest. The number 8 has great importance. His return I believe is actually the 8000th year.

        Did you know the Book of Revelations has exactly 888 words in total. Which is aptly known as the book of revelation of Jesus Christ. The Church was first established in the book of Acts 20:7 on the 8th day.

        There are prophecies abound detailing the set period of the Lords return.


        Note: Open for discussion.

        • Well…I hope your are right, cos this place sux!!! I hate this earth. I am want Jesus to return and soon and in my life time.

        • He was born sometime around the years 6 to 5 BC, so yes, he was around 33 years old when he died in the year AD 28.

  4. I really found this impressive, but didn’t the Bibe said no man not even the angels know the hour nor the day when Jesus christ will come back.

    • Hi Sonia,

      Please visit the “Countdown Clock” page linked above on this website, and click on the blue link underneath the clock entitled “no man knows the day or hour”.

      There you will learn the REAL meaning behind that well known phrase.

      God bless,


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