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Introduction – When Will Jesus Return to Earth

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Have you ever wondered when Jesus is going to return to planet Earth?  It seems like every year someone is coming up with some reason why THAT year will be the year.  Harold Camping thought it would be May 21, 2011.  We were told the Mayan’s had Dec 21, 2012 pegged as an earth-shattering day.

Mark Biltz thought four lunar eclipses in 2014/2015 would be significant.  Jonathan Cahn told us the Shemitah year of 2016 would be important.  And in 2017 people were all caught up in a star alignment happening on Sept 23.  They thought it would fulfill a sign in Revelation 12.  And so people were proclaiming the Lord’s going to return Sept 23, 2017.


I mean, it’s crazy!  People are saying things every year!  But you know what?  The truth about when Jesus Christ is going to return has been known ever since the year 2008!  It’s been over a decade now!  And it’s contained in the book I wrote back in 2008 entitled “Undeniable Biblical Proof Jesus Christ Will Return to Planet Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After the Year of His Death”.  Listen, Christ died on Feast of Passover in the year AD 28 on our calendars today, and he’s returning on Feast of Trumpets AD 2028 – 2,000 years later.  It’s that simple.

So I’m going to reveal this revelation to you right now in this video series.  And this is going to be the most fascinating information you have ever learned about God’s Word.  I mean this stuff is going to blow you away!  And here’s the deal – it’s simple!  It’s easy to understand.  There’s no difficult math.  There’s no complex numbers or equations to solve.  Einstein realized, “When the solution is simple, God is answering.”  Well friend, that’s exactly how it is with this prophetic revelation of Christ’s return Feast of Trumpets 2028.  It’s so simple that it screams out – THIS IS TRUTH!


So I’m inviting you to take a journey with me into the prophetic side of God’s Word and the amazing revelation that God has always planned for His son Jesus Christ to return to planet Earth exactly 2,000 years after the year he left it.  And if you’ll listen to me, I promise you’ll no longer be tossed back and forth by every false word people speak each year – trying to pump you up and convince you that Jesus is returning that year.  Instead, you’ll be like me, grounded and rooted in the prophetic truth of God’s Word.

Listen, Harold Camping’s 2011 Judgment Day date didn’t bother me, because I knew the truth in 2008.  And I knew the Mayan calendar 2012 date would be a flop.  And the blood moons and Shemita years of 2014 – 2016 – it was just hype.  And the 2017 supposed Rev 12 sign – it wasn’t.  I had no anxiety about it.  And you know why?  Because again, I’ve been grounded in the prophetic truth of God’s Word since 2008!  So none of these things troubled me, and I don’t want people troubling you anymore.

So listen, my name is Gabriel Ansley Erb, and just like the angel Gabriel in the Bible was sent to deliver messages from God to mankind … well I’ve been sent to deliver a message to you!  So hear me, Jesus Christ is NOT going to return to this planet until the 2,000th year arrives after the year of his Death.  Christ is returning just one time – Feast of Trumpets 2028.  And I’ll prove that to you in this video series.



“Undeniable Biblical Proof
Jesus Christ Will Return To Planet Earth
Exactly 2,000 Years After
The Year of His Death”

(Written by: Gabriel Ansley Erb)




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