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2028 END Creation Brochure

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2028.END.Creation.Brochure (8.5.x.11)

green dimensions 2028 end creation brochure

  • Full Page Brochure (8.5″ x 11″)
  • Folded 3 Ways in Tri-fold Manner
  • Printed Full Color Front & Back
  • Shows God’s 7 Day/7,000 Year Plan
  • Reveals Prophecy in EACH Creation Day
  • Explains Prophecy Behind Noah’s Story
  • Explains Prophecy Behind Moses’ Story

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The “2028 END” Creation Brochure is the best “first-look” or “introduction” tool you can give someone to help them begin learning about this ministry’s exciting message.  The brochure is a standard size 8.5” x 11” sheet of thick glossy paper, printed full color on both sides, and folded three ways in a tri-fold manner.

The outside flap boldly declares “God Declared The End From The Beginning” (Isaiah 46:10) over top a black starry background and arc of planet Earth, while the full inside page of the brochure opens up into a beautiful pictorial chart revealing the amazing prophetic truths God hid inside the wording of EACH of His 7 Creation Days, and much, much more!

This brochure should be given to all your family members, friends, spiritual leaders and church family.  Time is short.  There’s little time to waste.  This message desperately needs to be heard by everyone today, so they will know when the clock is going to run out in this Game of Life!  These are God’s amazing Biblical truths!  This brochure is heralding the glorious works of our heavenly Father, and when learned, they have the power to make someone desire to know more about God and His Word (Love)!



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2028 END Creation BrochureClick Image Above to Enlarge Chart

For Print Ready B&W Creation Chart Click HERE and Print Now!


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