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Are you fluent in two languages … English and another?  We here at are looking for people who would be willing to translate our short 2028 END book (about 60 pages) from English into other languages.

We have turned the script from our 10 part video series “2028 END OF THE WORLD” into a book, and we desire to take this warning message to the ends of the Earth before the end arrives.  Therefore, we are in great need of your help.

Our ultimate goal is to make your newly translated book file available for free read (and free download) on the homepage of this website.  So please prayerfully consider these things, and if God is calling you, we would be deeply appreciative of your help and partnership in delivering this most-important end-times message to the world!

The English version of the “2028 END” book will be linked below soon for download. Please feel free to contact us with your intentions and concerns.  We would be honored to help in anyway possible!

May God bless you and reward you for your generous and hard work!

“2028 END” Movie Script (English Version) 127 KB


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  1. I would like to try my best to translate your movie into Chinese Traditional language subtitles. Here to ask for your permission.
    I am a small church pastor in Hong Kong for nearly 9 years. I love to study the End Time message. Hopefully I can contribute my limited effort to the Chinese speaking region.

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