Garden of Eden



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The “Garden of Eden” seminar describes the Earth as it was before the worldwide flood of Noah’s day, giving assurance the Bible can be trusted as an accurate account of historical and scientific events.


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  1. Could the light on the first day be the light of creation, the separation of good and evil, our Heavenly Father’s living WORD, the true light of the World (John 1:1)? For even without the physical sun, our Heavenly Father still knew time, even without the material clock and calendar (the solar system) complete with a lit sun and moon in place – HE still knew time and the length of time. Our Heavenly Father does not need a watch and a calendar to know such things and to record them accurately. Correct?

  2. Question:

    What is considered a full day? Isn’t it the full rotation of the Earth on its axis meaning 24 hours? Therefore it was said that the evening and morning were one day. And if the sun was created on the 4th day, how could the prior days be called a day when there was no sun being used to start the evening and morning?

    • Good point, Rich. I’ll be honest with you, as far as what was happening PHYSICALLY as God created the world in those 6 days, I certainly don’t understand it all. What was “light” on day 1? Energy? Electromagnetic radiation? I don’t know. And the physical point you just brought up … I don’t have an answer.

      But this is even MORE COMPELLING EVIDENCE that God’s REAL PURPOSE in telling how the world was created in 7 days …. was to PROPHESY!!!! God wanted to “tell the end from the beginning” and you cannot tell time without NUMBERS! So he used 7 days.

      And then, as you go thru the “math” pages on this site and learn what God was prophesying thru EACH of the 7 Creation Days concerning that particular 1,000 year period, you see God HAD TO CREATE THE SUN AND MOON on day 4, because that is when he planned for Jesus and John the Baptist to be here. And on and on and on with the other prophetic truths.

      In other words, here’s my advice … FORGET about what was happening physically in the Creation story and just HONE IN on it’s PROPHETIC SIDE!!! THIS is what God wants the world to know and understand right now!!! He wants the world to KNOW He exists because He proved He knew/knows the future through His prophetic 7 Day Creation story!

      Therefore, people better wake up and listen to His final prophesies about millennial Day 6 that is about to be fulfilled with the Antichrist, and then Christ’s glorious Sabbath millennium will be here!!! Yes, God has planned and purposed it from Creation, and thus He WILL FULFILL IT!!!

      God bless,


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