Dangers of Evolution



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What someone believes ultimately determines their behavior.  Some people actually think they are more highly “evolved” than others.  The “Dangers of Evolution” seminar will help you understand how this faulty belief leads people into evil philosophies such as racism, communism, and Nazism.


3 thoughts on “Dangers of Evolution

  1. I respect your belief, but there is evidence of the evolutionary process and it is important to teach our youth about the life on Earth and how it got there.

    • There’s no evidence of macro (goo to you) evolution where a single celled organism began adding information (millions of specific base parings) to its DNA to begin coding for higher life (animals and plants).

      That’s a total fairy tale!

  2. 100% absolutely support your firm position on creation / evolutionism. The evo-religion is the most perverted, wicked lie that mankind has yet deceived itself with, and was around a long time before Darwin, who simply popularized it and extended it at a time when the ‘enlightenment’ (I call it the ‘endarkenment’) had acted to promote so-called ‘human reason’ above the scriptures, and the worship of the mind. The age of scientism (an uncritical faith in the supposed scientific principle) is what we have lived in for much of the past 100 years or more. The teaching of evolution as a fact by people who should (and do) know better, will attract a harsh judgement, as it involves denial of fact, not presentation of fact.

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