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The “Age of the Earth” seminar pulls the proverbial evolutionary rug right out from beneath the modern day, young Earth skeptic by showing scientific evidence supporting the Biblical account of a literal six-day creation just 6,000 years ago.



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Dr. Jason Lisle of the Institute of Creation Research (ICR) shows how astronomy, when properly understood without presuppositional biases, confirms what the writers of the Bible wrote long ago — specifically, that the Earth and Universe are only now around 6,000 years old.


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9 thoughts on “Age of the Earth

  1. I’m certain that you are aware that biblical prophecy always refers to a 360 day year, based upon the ancient Hebrew Luni-Solar calendar. We also have bible prophecy clearly stating 3.5 years as being 1260 literal 24 hour days, as mentioned in the prophecy of Revelation 11:2 & Rev 13:5.

    Are you using solar, or Luni-Solar biblical years for your calculations of a 2028 or a 3972BC beginning?

  2. What does the age of the earth have to do with the creation of Adam and Eve?
    “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” – billions of years ago – verse 1.

    “… and the earth was[BECAME] without form and void” verse 2.

    Verse 3:Then 6000 years ago “and the spirit of God moved… and God said “Let there be light” “. This re-creation of the earth and the creation of man, animals etc. is recent i.e. 6000 years.

    • Good question. We know the universe, earth, and mankind were ALL created during a literal one week period, not quite 6,000 years ago, from the words of Jesus …

      Speaking of mankind (humans), he said: “But from the BEGINNING of the CREATION God made them male and female” (Mark 10:6).

      The very first words of the Bible are “In the BEGINNING God CREATED …” See, you cannot put billions of years into Genesis 1:1, and then have mankind come along only 6,000 years ago, and then STILL say … “mankind was here FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION.

      Do you understand that? It just doesn’t make sense.



  3. I do like your video God’s Time Master plan. Happy to see it. I am gonna read your book. Helpful information.
    God bless!.

  4. Hey so Kent Hovind here is saying that creation was like 4004 B.C. Why is the 2028 timeline different with it at 3972 B.C.?

    • Kent Hovind did not know the overwhelming prophetic evidence in God’s Word proving Jesus Christ DIED on the cross during Earth’s 4,000 year, therefore he was just going by Ussher’s 4004BC date for the Creation.

      But Kent Hovind is reading my book “Undeniable Biblical Proof … ” so soon he will know these truths, and I’m sure he will change his tune, realizing Creation was 3972BC, and 4000 years later (AD28) Jesus was on the cross delivering mankind’s souls out of bondage to sin.


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