Birmingham, UK   On March 13, 2013, Karunakaran Iruthayanathan (Alfred) had a dream about the Sun: “I saw the sun slowly changing its shape and its brightness became dim like a full moon.  In the center of the Sun I saw the number 21, which was very thin and it was increasing in number 22, 23, and 24 … (Learn Full Story HERE)




Jerusalem, Israel   Jesus’ parable of the Fig Tree in Matthew 24 was the ULTIMATE sign revealing the year of his return to planet Earth, but it couldn’t be clearly interpreted until the rebirth of the nation of Israel in AD 1948 … (Learn Full Story HERE)




Fort Mill, SC   Minister Michael Rood’s astronomically corrected Biblical calendar confirms Jesus Christ’s ministry was 70 weeks long, beginning with his baptism in the year AD 27 and concluding with his death on Passover year AD 28 … (Learn Full Story HERE)



Angel Over Earth

Angus, UK   During the night of October 14, 2014, Abigail was taken in the Spirit high above the earth and found herself looking at a very, very, sad faced angel who was looking downwards upon the earth. She had a golden shine about her and beautiful curly long hair drawn back in a plait … (Learn Full Story HERE)


5.  FLYING JOIST DREAM (2″ x 10″ x 16′)

Flying Joist Dream

Nashville, TN   On Friday the 13th, Nov 2015, at around 7 am in the morning, Gabriel Ansley Erb had a shocking dream about flying joists causing destruction that foretells the “end” (Jesus Christ’s return) coming in the year 2028. … (Learn Full Story HERE)




Ontario, CAN   In early 2010, I (Gabriel Ansley Erb) prayed to the Lord in earnest that He would please send someone to help me with the online work of this ministry.  It took all of my time, money, and energy in 2008 & 2009 to write, publish, and print 5,000 copies of the book “Undeniable Biblical Proof Jesus Christ Will Return to Planet Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After the Year of His Death” and now in early 2010 God was impressing on me to create a website and … (Learn Full Story HERE)



jesus good samaritan

Jerusalem, Israel   Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10 contains a deeper message, which reveals Jesus Christ will absolutely, positively return to planet Earth after 2 days (2,000 years) … (Learn Full Story HERE)



jesus christ death on cross ad28

Cambridge, UK   University of Cambridge student Pallant Ramsundar writes a thorough doctoral thesis paper entitled “Dating Christ’s Crucifixion”. Taking into account the written historical record and astronomical data, Mr. Ramsundar concludes Christ was crucified on Wed April 28, AD 28 … (Learn Full Story HERE)




Dickson, TN   A prophetic preacher named Terry Bennett had a visitation with the angel Gabriel back in December 2001.  He was shown there would be a (final) 21 year prophetic timeframe, broken down into three sets of 7 years, beginning in AD 2008 and concluding in AD 2028 … (Learn Full Story HERE)



2028 end movie youtube thumbnail image

Nashville, TN   The movie “2028 END” was uploaded to YouTube late Thursday evening, February 13, 2014, and it was almost midnight until it processed and came online.  Now obviously, I had NO IDEA how many views the movie would garner right out of the gate or long term.  Nor did I have ANY CLUE that God was going to control the view count number to put His stamp of approval on the movie, confirming its validity … (Learn Full Story HERE)


If you receive a “2028 END” confirmation, please contact us with it, and we’ll include it on this page.

14 thoughts on “Confirmations

  1. Just wanted to add some additional confirmation for a 2028 end date, based on Jubilee Years and Genesis 6:3…

    Check out this link which discusses annual Sabbaths every 7 years and Jubilee Sabbaths every 50 years …

    According to the Jewish historian Josephus, 24 B.C. was a Sabbatical year, and 23 B.C. was a Jubilee year. This would mean that A.D. 27 was a Sabbatical year, and A.D. 28 was a Jubilee year. This would also mean that 2028 AD will be a Jubilee year (i.e. 40 Jubilees after 28AD)!!

    Genesis 6:3 King James Version (KJV)
    3 And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

    Now if we take the 120 years in Genesis 6:3 to mean Jubilee years, we would get 120 x 50 = 6000 years, that God would strive with man. 28 AD was the 4000th year, and 2028 AD will be the 6000th year… when God will no longer strive with man!!!

    One last thing that should really drive the 2028 AD end-date home, and it might be hard for some to believe at first, but Jesus’ ministry was not 3.5 years, it was only just over a year, 70 weeks to be exact (in true fulfillment of Daniel 9:24-27). Jesus started his ministry in Late Winter 27AD around the age of 30 (Luke 3:23), and died in Spring 28AD (It was the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years respectively which explains the great crowds listening to him as no one was working). I would highly encourage praying for the Holy Spirit’s discernment as you read these sites and let their amazing truths resonate within you.
    -good overall summary of the 70 week ministry ending in 28AD
    -Michael Rood’s in-depth discussion of the 70 weeks, lengthy but good, I think he’s off on Jesus’ birth year though
    -this author questions the deity of Jesus, but still provides a very scholarly work of Jesus’ public ministry

    Thanks Gabriel for this site and may God bless all those who come across it!

  2. I had 2028 in my mind four days ago on 8/4/2014 at 11 pm as I have been follwing Kent Hovind’s teachings about creation science and Michael Rood’s about the true crucifixion and birth date of Jesus/Yeshua. Between those two teachers I had come to the same conclusion of an end time date of 2028. For some reason while browsing (not sure what I was searching for) I noticed your title 2028 and clicked on it which normally I would ignore. I had understood some of the creation day to end time parallels but was blown away when I saw the work you have put together. I’ve not yet explored it all but its quite amazing. Praise Yahovah our Father in Heaven and prepare for Yeshua’s return!

  3. Isn’t there also a comet that is supposed to have a “near-miss” according to NASA in 2028? Or perhaps it was 2029, then on its way out of our solar system, pass by again in 2036 for a second “near-miss”.

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