“God DECLARED the END from the BEGINNING” (Isaiah 46:10)


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In this shocking, yet believable, apocalyptic movie, God reveals secret prophesies He made in each of the 7 Creation Days, foretelling the end of the world in the year 2028.

Movie Description:

Seeing the movie “2028 END” is like having the privileged position of being a fly on the wall in the throne room of heaven, eaves-dropping in on a conversation taking place today between God the Father and His son Jesus Christ.  Jesus asks, “Will it be much longer Father, I’m ready to embrace my bride!”  What unfolds next will have people talking about this movie LONG after it’s over!

God begins explaining how He told the End from the Beginning (Isaiah 46:10) by utilizing 7 Days in the Creation event, how EACH of those 24 hour Creation Days FORETOLD of a FUTURE 1,000 year period on planet Earth, and how they EACH contained prophecy about the most important event to occur during that particular millennium.  As He talks, the heavens continually rip back, and we are taken back in time to watch the exciting fulfillment action!  As the evidence builds, the shocking truth becomes clearer and clearer … Jesus Christ will return to planet Earth exactly 2,000 years after the year of His Death: 2028 END!


Scream in terror
For the Day of the Lord has arrived
The time for the Almighty to destroy
Every arm is paralyzed with fear
Every heart melts
People are terrified
Pangs of anguish grip them
Like those of a woman in labor
They look helplessly at one another
Their faces aflame with fear
For see, the Day of the Lord is coming
The terrible day of His fury and fierce anger
The Earth will be made desolate
And all the sinners destroyed with it
(Isaiah 13:6-9)


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Movie Based on Book:

“Undeniable Biblical Proof
Jesus Christ Will Return To Planet Earth
Exactly 2,000 Years After
The Year of His Death”

(Written by: Gabriel Ansley Erb)

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296 thoughts on “2028 END (OF THE WORLD)

    • God will NEVER change the date of the time of the end (Christ’s Second Coming), for it has been foretold from the creation of the world. It will take place 6,000 years after Creation.

      • According to the biblical scriptures only, and the traditional, contextual interpretation of the Word of God, no man knows the day or the hour. Jesus indicated repeatedly, both in plain speech and in parables that this day cannot be known by mankind. This means that we cannot know the day or year of our Lord’s return. Much though we would wish to; much though we look forward to His marvellous return.
        I cannot therefore support the idea that you know the date of the Second Coming of Christ.

        • We do NOT know the EXACT DATE (day or hour) of Christ’s return. God WANTS us to know the year! In fact, God wants us to know when his return is literally “right at the doors” (Matthew 24:33). For the meaning of Jesus phrase “no man knows the day or hour” look here …


          And please, by all means, study God’s 7 Feasts. They are the TIMING PUZZLE for WHEN Christ will do his most important things DURING A CALENDAR YEAR. The significance of each feast is even ABOUT what the Messiah will do in fulfilling that feast. These were to be kept yearly, on specific day(s), based off a lunar calendar. During Christ’s first Coming he fulfilled the first 4 feast ON THEIR VERY YEARLY CELEBRATED DAYS!!!! The next one is the Feast of Trumpets … what do you think that is about? It’s about Christ’s return! The next MAJOR thing he has to do on God’s schedule! Guess what the Jews referred to it as? The Feast “no man knew the day or hour of” because it was the ONLY ONE to occur at the phase of a new moon, and therefore couldn’t be determined until two witnesses confirmed sighting of the new moon sliver. Learn, learn, learn. That’s the only way we will become wise.

        • my background education was full of mathematical sciences, but I still don’t have enough time for myself to checking the Bible due to the predictable of His 2nd coming … So I prefer like to hear about someone’s knowledge for this.

          So far, the year 2028 is interesting, because one generation of a nation is generally not more than 80 years. Means 1948+80 is equal to 2028.

          If it is 2028, means 2021 the tribulation will start, and now we only have a very little of time to prepare .. for yourself, family and church …


          God sometimes gives me signs in my dreams or between wake and sleep …

          One of them, happened not long time ago, it was about 6 or 7 months ago…..

          I was in the huge building with the wall made of glass material. It was night ….

          And I saw the main door was about to close, it was open with the space about the man size body to passing in or out.

          In that vision, looked like I walked out from the inside building, then when I wanted return to inside, the door was closed/locked …

          And with me at outside the building I saw several women with me.

          Seems like the parable of the ten virgins in the Bible.

          The wisdom of the vision is His time to return not long again …

          He will come at any time, but according to the Bible, we will know the season .

          See Luke 21: start 29 until 31 or Matthew 24:32-34.

          What I had in my vision means, the time of His coming is not to very long , so good for us to always be ready …

        • The statement by Y’shua is a Hebrew Idiom. You donot know the day or the hour. You do know the season and the date. Remember the fig tree. The date is the first day of the 7th month. The only feast that begins with the new moon. Each new moon is 29.562
          days. Now you know what he meant when he spoke. Study don’t believe mans laws of traditions it is written book of Matthew.

        • Lets not forget that GOD created time when he created the universe every thing is controlled by time hardly anyone talks about that except GOD is not controlled by time he has all things set in time.

        • No man can know the day or the hour is what the Bible says, it didn’t say we couldn’t know the season, it didn’t even say we couldn’t know the year for that matter. The bible specifically says day or hour, so that means exactly and literally what it says. But if 2028 is indeed the year in which the world will end, then 2021 is indeed the year of the Rapture of the Church. No specific day’s have been set nor any hours. In this world we have so many different time zones from the west to east and east to west so actually no one could ever know the exact hour or day.

        • Joshua, there will be NO pre-trib rapture, so no, no one will go anywhere in 2021, unless you die that year. Jesus is returning just ONE TIME, at the very end of the Antichrist’s reign, Feast of Trumpets 2028, 2,000 years after the year of His death.

      • I agree that it is set. The time of 6,000 years is a different story though. I agree that each day mentioned Gen.1:1-2:2 is a thousand years. Though the Jehovah’s witnesses think it is 7000 years per day I have found no proof of that thought in the bible where everything requires 2 or 3 witnesses & man does not count. I also believe that Gen.6:3 is stating 120, 50 year Jubilees. 120×50=6,000 this is where I see an error. The is speaking of Jubilees as a period of time 50 years each. So the period
        is of 120 not 119 or 121 so the time is 6,001 thru 6050 years remember zero does not exist. So 1-50= 1st Jubilee 51-100 is the second Jubilee. So the year 6000 is the last year of the 119th Jubilee. The 120th Jubilee begins the year 6001 & ends
        at the end of the year 6050. However it is written if the days were not cut short no flesh would survive. So what year is it now?
        Adam to Abraham 2008 years. plus
        Abraham to Y’shua 2002 years. plus
        Y’shua lived 30 years not 31 years. plus
        Y’shua died on our calendar year 28. plus
        two days (2000 years for gentiles) equals
        6040 years on year 2028. I say plus 7 to
        8 years = 6048 super Jubilee

        • The Lord was about 30 years old when he left home to begin his public ministry. He would have been around 33 when he died.

  1. There is no time like today that the word of God can reach any part of this world ..(internet, YouTube, people more easy to go to everywhere)…. The word of God should be preached to all over the world before the end time.

  2. Hi it’s great … Like to read this post … & agree with the explanation…. I had a spiritual experience my spirit flied to heaven and met Jesus.

  3. hey Gabriel i made a mistake they say on the internet they were going to do a computer pill on 2017 but it says this FALSE: All Americans Will Receive a Microchip Implant in 2017 but i think i would not worry about that

    ok peace! 😀

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